Choose Any 3 Linhasita Macrame Colors – Whole Sale Discount Package


  • Materials: linhasita, macrame, cord, waxed, polyester, string
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Get any THREE Linhasita waxed polyester macrame cord (string) cones and save with a discounted, wholesale price! Beckinka has now become a wholesale distributor of this burnable and durable cord. The more you buy, the more you save! Want to make seamless macrame jewelry? Well, we’ve got the answer!


*************** Linhasita 1 mm/ Length – (186 yards/ 170 mts)

*************** Linhasita 0.5 mm/ Length – (262 yards/240 meters)
************ Description: two waxed polyester strings tightly spun together

Package Details
With this package, you can choose any three colors from our wide selection here-

*PLEASE include the THREE colors (ex. COR221) you would like in the comments section of your order.

Information about Linhasita String
Linhasita is a Brazilian waxed polyester cord that is very durable,washable, and burnable. It is a perfect material for all types of macrame jewelry, and the only one I use for my macrame pieces.

In addition to micro macrame jewelry, Linhasita cord can also be used for leather, shoes, sewing, and a whole host of other crafts.

This waxed polyester cord is very easy to handle and burns together at the ends; creating a clean look, even when cords have been added, cut, or removed . It doesn’t fray, even after years of use. It is washable and water resistant. The color and design stays no matter what you do.

Artist’s Statement about Linhasita
As a long standing macrame artist, I can honestly say that Linhasita cord has dramatically increased the quality, durability, and professional look of my macrame jewelry. I started using embroidery floss as a teenager, and then moved to waxed linen and hemp as I got older. I found that my jewelry often looked frayed, the color changed, they smelled when wet, and I wasn’t able to make the ends I desired. I looked all over for the professional look I had been searching for here in the USA, but found nothing.

Then, my mother-in-law sent some Linhasita cord from Peru. I knew it was the cord for me the minute I felt it. It’s light, but durable. Waxed for water and fray resistance, I have found nothing more durable than this cord. Most importantly, the cords can be burned together to create a seamless look when ends are present or cords need to be added.

* If you can’t find the colors you’re looking for on our website, please contact us so we can find it for you.

*Quality Control ISO 9001:2008


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